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n                              THE  ETHIOPIAN   REGION                            89
Tragulus concludes a sample from, a very rich list of peculiar
The Ethiopian region has also its Anthropoids, the Gorilla and
the Chimpanzee, but they belong to genera or a genus different
from those which include the Oriental forms. There are five
peculiar genera of Cercopithecidae. The Lemurs restricted to
this region are G&lago, Perodicticus and Arctocebus. The peculiar
Insectivorous families Macroscelidae and Ohrysochloridae are
only found here, besides many other peculiar genera. Africa is
especially the home of Antelopes, and the Giraffe is not found
now outside its borders. The Elephant and the Ehinoceroses are
of different species from those of India. There are many peculiar
Eodents and Ungulates.